Unquestioned protagonists of the city of Venice are “the Briccole”. The posts of oak whose purpose is to indicate to boats the limit of the deepest parts of the lagoon, waterways without risks, guiding them along their path and avoiding areas that remain stranded in shallow water and foundation of Venice palaces.

They are periodically replaced after being carved by the molluscs, which have left, through a meticulous work of perfectly-round shaped holes, signs of their passage.

A post sunk into the lagoon lasts approximately 10-20 years (depending on the conditions of high and low tide to which it is subjected) after which, the water-beaten area of the posts, which is also the mostly affected by tides rise and fall. By the presence of micro-organisms, it is deemed to be damaged and the briccola has to be replaced.

We believe it is important to create low environmental impact products, through the possibility of using “ recycled material” to pass on to future generations one of the most important concept of contemporary life: wood is one important resource and as so it has to be recognized and respected.

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